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About REEC

Our Company

In our beginnings, the main interests of was the production of a solvent base for drilling fluids.

Now with a vision focused on providing our customers cost savings and environmental benefits we have developed various technologies to optimize the oil industry.

Our company is based in Conroe, Texas, United States.

We have been involved in the oil industry in Mexico for 24 years.

Currently, we are operating our own commercial plant to produce these high-value solvents and selling them to the oil industry:







Ongoing research


Research and development of sustainable technologies, for which the company has physical laboratories chemical, microbiological and qualified personnel. The company has developed process technologies, which have been validated by the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Advanced Studies.


REEC's service capacity has been evidenced by the characterization and sanitation works carried out in different states of the Mexican Republic for PEP (PEMEX Exploration and Production), PEMEX Refining, as well as individuals such as Service Stations, Model Brewery , IUSA, Chrysler of Mexico, General Motors of Mexico, Procter & Gamble, and Resistol Industries; among other

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To think out of the box

  • Disruptive technology 

  • Generally, petrochemical stock sells for more than fuels.

  • Volume versus weight: heavy oils can weight up to 20% more than light crude oils.

  • Light oils has less medium and heavy molecules, compared with heavy crude oils.

  • Light crude oils offer fewer refining possibilities, other than fuels, compared with heavy crude oils.

  • Some petrochemical stock is comprised of medium and heavy molecules.

  • One of the main differences between light and heavy oils are the balance between carbon and hydrogen.

  • After “squeezing” light molecules at atmosféric and vacuum distillation, hydrogen consumption is heavly used to make shorter light molecule compounds.

  • Heavy crude oil refining is most profitable by hydrogen addition to saturate and form new molecule compounds.

  • Heavy crude oils command lower per barrel prices than light crude oils. 

  • if compared by mass (density) such difference increases dramatically.

  • Most heavy crude oil problems can be resolved with hydrogen, all the way from up stream, mid and down stream.

  • Hydrogen production, storage and application is expensive and environmentally problematic.

  • REEC technology allows to produce and react simultaneously the hydrogen without pressure in a integrated process.

  • The second most important problem with heavy crude oils are the presence of heteroatoms (contaminants) wich can normally be removed by hydrogen reaction as well.


In a nut shell:

  • REEC technology allows the use of low cost raw materials to produce higher value stock products at low capex and opex.

  • Cracking and hydrogen production-reaction is the name of the game.

  • Fast pyrolysis and slurry catalysis is the process.

  • Too good to be thruth but lots of profits are left on the table if ignored.

  • Iowa state university tested sucessfully REEC’s technology.


Our key personnel is formed by experts in refining, process development and technological innovation for the petrochemical industry.


We maintain a constant commitment to the environment, always looking for innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of the oil industry.

We have offices and our High Technology Research and Development Laboratory in the city of Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico and 2 production plants of our subsidiaries located in Merida, Yucatan and another in Paraíso, Tabasco.

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